Surviving the Holidays

Holiday Eating Tips:

The holidays are a great way to get people together, celebrate the things you are thankful for and remind yourself of why you are thankful for what you have. It is also a time to practice portion control and mind-full eating.

Remember what you learned at Camp Endeavor about what your plate should look like:

– 1/4 protein (white meat turkey – about the size of your palm)

– 1/4 starch (bread, potatoes, squash, corn, etc – size of fist)

-1/2 veggies (salad, beans, etc)

And don’t forget to save a little room for some pie!


Moving on Thanksgiving is equally as important! Get your family out for an early morning walk (and even better another one after eating!)

Or you can do this simple circuit workout anywhere – no equipment needed!

– push-ups

– sit-ups

– squats

– couch dips

Repeat whole sequence 3-6 times. Don’t know a move? Look it up online for a video example



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