Camper Question

Here is a question we received from a camper and thought it would be good information for everyone!

“hey, i wanted to email you guys and let you know that everything is going to good for me. Like you always used to say at camp that there are going to be days or times that are weight will go up but the important thing is get back at it and never give up and thats what i have done. I have had my ups and downs and right now i have gained a some weight and i am trying to get off again. The one thing i am struggling the most with concerning my weight is that when i get stressed i eat and since this week is finals week i am really really stressed and i try to stay away from the frigerator but sometimes i cave and i don’t know what else to do. If you have any tips can you let me know please.”

Thank you so much for writing – this is a great question! Here are a few suggestions that I have for you:

– don’t study and eat at the same time – before you know it you can polish off a bag of chips without even realizing it because you are focusing on studying and not eating – take a break to have a snack and then go back to studying

– Choose snacks that have some volume and take a little longer to eat (ie. Popcorn, veggies and hummus, apple slices with peanut butter, deli meat rolled up with lettuce and mustard on a cracker, etc)

– Aim for a snack of about 200 calories so that you won’t be hungry a half hour later

– Aim for some protein and fiber to keep you full

– Make sure it is satisfying for YOU – don’t have popcorn if you are craving hot chocolate – have the hot chocolate!

– Make sure you are not skipping breakfast! Not having breakfast can leave you feeling hungry for the rest of the day so start your day off right!

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Keep sending us your questions!


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