Kudos to Culver’s

Let’s face it, fast food is a part of most people’s diets. It has always been our view at Camp Endeavor that instead of trying to get our campers to never eat fast food again we empower them to make better decisions when they do eat fast food. Instead of banning fast food completely our campers educate themselves by checking the menu’s and choosing healthier items. Remember, there are no off-limits foods at Camp Endeavor.

Thankfully, there are restaurants like Culver’s that are making it easy and eliminating guesswork to choose healthier options. Their new program the 500 Club Healthy Menu has items/meals that are 500 calories or less and have limited fats.

Let’s hope that all fast food restaurants post this sort of information like Culver’s and Subway do – making us all a little more aware of what we are eating!


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