Turn Off the TV Week!

Turn Off the TV!

Turn Off Your TV Week (April 19-25) is a challenge to families to spend time together without television. The amount of time our children spend in front of the TV is at an all-time high. Kids ages 2 to 5 watch an average of 32 hours of TV a week; kids ages 6 to 11 more than 28 hours. That’s a far cry from the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendation that children view 1-2 hours of quality programming a day. Be inspired by Turn Off Your TV Week and check out these fun and easy ideas to be active and enjoy family time instead. Get ideas:

  • With nicer weather finally here, go outside! Play hide-and-seek or tag, kick or throw a ball around, or have a drawing contest with sidewalk chalk.
  • Go for a family walk after dinner or play at your local park.
  • Cook dinner together. Even young children can help by washing vegetables, stirring soup or helping to set the table.
  • Enjoy family reading time! Reading encourages imagination and brain development. Read to your children; and as they learn to read themselves, let them read to you.
  • Start a family game night that gives each member of the family a turn to choose a board game.

One Comment on “Turn Off the TV Week!”

  1. kmwindisch says:

    I have long since lost count of the number of children under age 5 that I care for who watch more than 4 hours of television daily. All of them are obese and many of them have complications stemming from their obesity. Many of these children have televisions in their bedrooms.

    I universally recommend that the television be removed from the child’s bedroom and that all television viewing (including video games) be limited to no more than 90 minutes daily.

    kevin m windisch md faap

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