Quick & Easy Healthy Habits

We unwittingly contribute to carrying extra weight on our bodies by the habits we practice. Adopt these QUICK and EASY HEALTHY HABITS to feel better without having to work at it!

  1. drink water every day, more than you are now.
  2. spend 10 minutes outside everyday: play hide & seek, tag, throw a ball around, walk around the block, pull weeds, check out the trees in the neighborhood.
  3. mute the commercials while watching TV.
  4. check in on the hunger-fullness scale before eating and 10-15 minutes after eating.
  5. breathe deeply every hour, while waiting for the answering machine message to play out, while at stop signs, waiting in line etc.
  6. bounce during a commercial break.
  7. count the sodas you drink in 2 days and reduce by one.
  8. leave 1-2 bites of food uneaten, each time you eat.
  9. find a joke–a-day to bring laughter in.
  10. if you have a large exercise ball, sit on it while doing homework & screen time.
  11. eat with others, at a table
  12. eat slowly. Don’t put food on your fork for the next mouthful until after you’ve chewed and swallowed the food that’s already in your mouth!
  13. chew gum if you feel the need to have something in your mouth!
  14. brush your teeth after a meal, and you’ll be less likely to put food in your mouth.

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