Improving Children’s Health

As a family you can chose one, two, three, or all of these as possible goals or actions help your family live an active healthy life. To learn more about what you can do in your home visit What Families Can Do at Home. To partner with your pediatrician visit How to Partner with Your Pediatrician and to learn more about how you can be an advocate for healthy active living in your community visit Partner with the Community. To find a pediatrician or pediatric sub specialist visit the AAP Pediatrician Referral Service.

  • Eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day
  • Get 1 hour of physical activity a day (does not need to be consecutive)
  • Limit screen time to less than 2 hours a day
  • Limit consumption of sugar sweetened beverages
  • Eat breakfast daily
  • Switch to low-fat dairy products
  • Regularly eat family meals together
  • Limit fast food, take out, and eating out.
  • Prepare foods at home as a family
  • Eat a diet rich in calcium
  • Eat a high fiber diet
  • Breastfeed exclusively until 6 months and maintain of breastfeeding after introduction of solid food until 12 months of age


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