see the difference checklist

We’ve gotten some requests for the See the Difference Checklist, so here it is! Remember, this is where you can track your achievable goals – that means that these are daily goals that you know you can do. The idea is to have one food and eating related goal, one movement related goal and the third goal is up to you!

Don’t forget to check it off at night if you completed your goals!

See the Difference Checklist 2010


4 Comments on “see the difference checklist”

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  2. Micah Highland says:

    I’m doing good and have kept up eating right, by chewing slowly and not as much and pay attention if I’m full or not. I’ve been walking and working out with equipment. I’ve continued to lose weight and feel alot better. My clothes on big on me and so is my smile!

  3. map my run | says:

    […] hit a certain mileage per day on your See the Difference Checklist. Need a new checklist? Get one here! This entry was posted in healthy living tips, tips for families, tips for teens and tagged […]

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