camp endeavor snack-pack giveaway!

It is our first blog giveaway!

Want to win a prize pack full of Camp Endeavor’s favorite snacks, magazines, etc? We will pick one winner on Friday September 3rd. You can leave up to four entries in the comments below.

How to enter:

  • like us on facebook
  • leave a comment telling us one thing you’ve been doing to stay active
  • leave us a comment telling us one thing you’ve been doing to make better eating choices
  • leave us a comment telling us your favorite memory from camp!

Good Luck!

Congratulations #7 Kelsey!


9 Comments on “camp endeavor snack-pack giveaway!”

  1. nicole says:

    can we email them 2 ya

  2. Michelle says:

    Today I took an 8 mile hike with my family for my dad’s birthday. It took around 3 hours and 45 minutes, with breaks for lunch/snacks. It was really invigorating. 🙂 I also jog every other morning.

  3. Michelle says:

    Here’s another! My favorite memory was when I came back for the last day and everyone seemed so happy, but incredibly sad that camp was ending. People were pumped from weigh-in, etc., and I was so happy to see everyone after a week. I loved being able to come back for the last day, and seeing the happy reunions (coupled with tearful goodbyes.) 🙂 Seeing my fellow campers sporting friendship bracelets, smiles, and loose waistbands… it was really exciting.

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  5. Jordan P says:

    To stay active, I’ve been taking dance classes at the gym!

  6. Jordan P says:

    And to make better eating choices, I’ve been trying to head to the local farmers market at least once a week to pick up produce from nearby farms.

  7. kelsey s says:

    to stay active ive been powerwalking to school everyday with my friends, going on walks with my aunt, walking my dog, and ocasinally running on the treadmill

  8. kelsey s says:

    to make better eating choices i watch what i eat basically. i chose whole grains and my parents prepare us healthy dinners. i stick to the 1700 calorie diet, 3 meals and 2 snacks a day! and i eat tons of fruit 🙂 and ive discovered that i dont really like the taste of greasy foods anymore

  9. kelsey s says:

    my favorite memory from camp…hmm i would have think about that one. it would prob be the first day. i didnt know anyone and i didnt know if i could be ok there or if i would have friends. but i clicked insantly with emma and steph and it was like instant best friends. 🙂

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