operation beautiful

If you haven’t heard of Operation Beautiful, you need to go check it out. The premise of the website (and book) is all about “transforming the way you see yourself one post-it note at a time.” The stories found in the website and book are inspirational to say the least.

We knew we needed to incorporate Operation Beautiful to Camp Endeavor this summer – being happy with yourself is probably one of the biggest obstacles in losing/maintaining weight – you need to  love yourself before you can work on anything else. Since we are in the woods and not on the computer, a few changes were made, but the message is all the same. Shannon lead the Operation Beautiful and here are her thoughts:

Camp Endeavor’s Operation Beautiful 2010 campaign was a unique and interesting experience where girls and boys of all ages got to discuss and learn about the media’s concept of beauty and determine how this can be harmful to one’s perception of their own body. The workshop allowed these kids to come together and hear their peers opinions on the media’s definition of beauty and find ways to change the perception of beauty in America. Many kids found that the media’s idea of beauty was vastly different from their own sparking interesting and intelligent conversation among the group. The main focus of the program was to find ways to define beauty on the inside rather than focusing on outwardly appearance. Through several exercises such as creating the Operation Beautiful notes, learning facts about the unrealistic figure of the Barbie doll, statistics about eating disorders, and creating lists of each person’s favorite aspects of themselves, the kids at camp were able to look inside themselves to hopefully see beauty in a new light.

Camp was full of these beautiful notes – so if you are forgetting these messages now, go check out Operation Beautiful and make a note just for yourself! Spread the message!

(If any of you make notes and would like to share we would love to post them! They can obviously remain anonymous)


One Comment on “operation beautiful”

  1. Tut says:

    What can be more beautiful than the smile of someone having fun?

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