Annie’s Root 4 Kids

Join Annie’s in the Root 4 Kids by committing to at least one of the activities on their list. The activities are things like eating a new veggie, planting a new veggie, etc. Once you sign up you can “plant a veggie” in the virtual garden. Join the movement!

Camp Endeavor has joined the movement – we obviously love introducing you all to new foods and will continue to do so!


2 Comments on “Annie’s Root 4 Kids”

  1. Tut says:

    Just became a member of Annie’s Root 4 Kids – it’s quick & easy, a bit dorky but who can resist supporting Annie? She’s the one who sells a healthy version of mac and cheese. Don’t think we ever had it at camp, but it’s perfect when it’s mac and cheese that you want!!!

  2. Suzanne Hughes says:

    I love to grow a garden with my Grandmother. Alyssa Leblanc and eat them right off the vine.

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