Don’t forget the Protein!

Time and time again, studies show that protein in meals helps keep the weight off!

At camp, we learn that protein should be a part of every meal. Why?

  1. It helps keep us full and satisfied longer
  2. Our bodies have to work extra hard to burn protein (a good thing, it means we’re burning more calories!)

How can we add in more protein? Easy! Here are ideas for every meal:

Breakfast: Find a whole grain or sprouted bread that has 3-4 grams of protein per slice and pair it with peanut butter; scrambled eggs and toast; custard oats or a high protein cereal like Kashi Go Lean

Lunch: Have a tuna salad sandwich, turkey sub from Subway; stuff a tortilla with buffalo chicken dip, diced celery and lettuce leaves

Dinner: Roast chicken with vegetables; shrimp scampi with whole grain pasta; meatloaf with green beans and sweet potato

Snack: string cheese; greek yogurt with honey or fresh berries; apple with peanut butter; smoothie



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