life back at home

Hey Camp Endeavor  2011 Alumni!

How is life back at home? Have you unpacked your bags and done your laundry?

We hope the transition is a smooth one! Check back on the blog if you haven’t subscribed to it for updates – fun pictures from the summer, delicious recipes and fun tips from us at Endeavor! 🙂

You can also just stop by and say hi!


3 Comments on “life back at home”

  1. Tatiana Donovan says:

    thank you for everything you taught me, and how to manage my weight!also for showing me what friendship and fun is about. I’m still trying my best, I already lost an additional pound in 3 days since I’ve been home…:-) thanks for everything and God Bless!
    Tatiana Donovan

  2. Julie Bozzi Ritter says:

    I miss everyone!!!!!! Thank you for all you have done for me, I feel like a whole new person.

    Please give all the CITS a big hi from incredibly sexy.

    I am sure you are going to hear from my mom real soon (lucky u)


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