Camp Endeavor News…

Hey Camp Endeavor Friends –
We’ve got some news to share:

Dan, Tut and Camp Endeavor, the first weight management camp for teens in Wisconsin, are retiring. After eight summer camp seasons, it was decided that Endeavor 2011, would be our last.

We applaud our campers and wish them continued success in their endeavor to be fit and healthy. We loved being around kids who actively sought out ways to positively impact their future. We also applaud their families for rallying support for them, sometimes at a cost to the family.
In the camp world, it is said that campers always fondly remember their counselors – I’m sure that will be the case for Endeavor campers as well as Dan and me. Enthusiasm, their sincere desire to meaningfully connect with teens, fun-loving and seemingly boundless energy- that’s how we’ll remember our counselors!

As for Dan and I, our years spent directing Endeavor has been a huge part of our lives and we consider it time well spent. We are grateful to each of you. The thousand pictures we have will provide us a future full of stories of courage, decisive action, sweat, and fun & laughs!

Thanks, Tut Gramling & Dan Dingmann

Keep in touch – we love you all! xo


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