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Guess who got a shout-out on the Chobani website….

CAMP ENDEAVOR!! Go check it out!


the ultimate endeavor: part II

We left you all hanging with the ending of the 1st Annual Camp Endeavor Ultimate Endeavor!

Not only was this an extremely fun and muddy event, but WOW the effort put forth by the participants was AMAZING! Way to go!

The finish line was particularly fun with its slip & slide and sprinkler – everyone had a blast playing in the water as they came across the finish line and cheered for the others finishing up!

The winner?

Congrats Leni!!

endeavor mcmuffin

This year at Camp, some of the campers made their own Endeavor McMuffins for breakfast! Oh, and they drank green juice. 🙂

The egg sandwiches were great – very satisfying, healthy and easy to make! We made the eggs different ways – some preferred them scrambled, some over easy and some we even made in the microwave!

Endeavor Mc Muffin – 1 serving 

  • 1-2 eggs
  • 1 slice of cheese
  • 2 slices of tomato 
  • 1 whole grain english muffin 
Prepare eggs as desired. 
Toast english muffin. 
Layer with slice of cheese, egg and tomato slices. 
Serve with 1/2 cup juice or an orange. 
(We served Naked’s Green Machine)







life back at home

Hey Camp Endeavor  2011 Alumni!

How is life back at home? Have you unpacked your bags and done your laundry?

We hope the transition is a smooth one! Check back on the blog if you haven’t subscribed to it for updates – fun pictures from the summer, delicious recipes and fun tips from us at Endeavor! 🙂

You can also just stop by and say hi!

tubing at the lake!

Hey Everyone!

Check out these fun pictures from our recent trip to the lake for tubing:









the ultimate endeavor!

Red Team

White Team

Blue Team

Ready, Set, Go!



Woah!Sand Tunnel!

Go Robert!Courtney!

Over & Under

Go Rachel!

Blue Tunnel!

Turn Right!

Congratulations Leni! Our 1st place finisher!

Strong finish Jada!

More to come on the finish line…


4th of july cheering competition

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